I am primarily a painter of things and my practice has grown out of a process of subverting the genre of still life. For my most recent paintings I have been working in an improvisational manner and without any reference so that the imagery depicted is discovered as I paint. This way of working leads me to a painting I could not have taken a direct path to. I have been working on rounded organic shapes that come closer to our field of vision and better suit the forms I’ve been painting. Within these shaped paintings there is a sense of movement, precariousness and a depiction of unplanned growth in the imagery which is complimentary to the way the paintings unfold as paintings. I view my process and content as collaborators with each other, and that the subject matter has become representational of a process of growth, creation and change that lead to more complicated states of order.

Anything, Anytime, Anyplace, For No Reason at All (thesis paper)

Adam Gunn